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It takes time to Heal...

Among adults 15 or older widowed in the preceding 12 months, 71% of men and 69% of women were 65 or older, even though this age group comprises only 19% of all people ages 15 or older.

Widowhood is particularly common among older women compared to older men due to differences in life expectancies. Women on average live longer than men. (US census bureau)
But, how do you begin living again after loss? The grief journey after a loss of a loved one, family member, or friend is painful enough but when you add the stressor of the society we live in today, the stress of widowhood is insurmountable.

I want to encourage individuals who have experienced loss to take time to fully assess what impact their departure has taken on them...

When they died, did you die too?
Did you give up spiritually, emotionally, socially, and mentally?

If so, there is hope...Hope is where the heart is....and healing begins in the heart...

Take time to examine your heart...Heart wounds can run deep...

A) Find a quiet place to sit and reflect on where you once were and where you are now.

B) In that quiet space write about what you would like to be in the next six months, 1year, or 3 years from now. Just imagine moving and building again.

C) Laugh, cry and smile when those sweet moments come across your mind. Embrace them, reflect on them and enjoy the moment.

Simply stated it's okay to start living again.
How do I know? Because I am you...

Remember, you are not alone.....
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