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We Can Start Over

This picture reminded me of when I would come home and see my mother at the table in complete solitude as she was communing with God. There was a peaceful presence in the area where she sat. You just knew the presence of the Lord was there. This mother and daughter found that place for themselves during the retreat. They began healing their heart wounds at a peaceful place where God could hear their pain and begin healing their hurt. Sometimes we need to be reminded whenever pt wherever the hurt took place, we can find comfort in knowing that we can always start over and begin again. It takes courage, conversation, and a commitment to listen and do the necessary work to change. Take the time to actively listen to one another, seek God's word for direction and comfort, and forgive each other. The scripture tells us that with 'God all things are possible" and you know, it really is. Whether a parent, spouse, leader, family member, or friend, being a caregiver can be a bigger challenge than expected. Many will second guest the commitment, others surrender to it, and some may regret it. As the reality of any life-changing event repositions and changes our sense of normality, we can find comfort in knowing that we are not alone. There are resources available in our communities, churches, and conversations with others to help us find better ways to serve one another well. If you know of someone that may need to have a courageous conversation with someone to find peace and comfort in their hearts, reach out to the family caregiving resource available through your ministry, and most importantly the Word of God!

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