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Look, Listen, and Love

September is the beginning of the last

a quarter of the year and the fall season.

As we move into this last quarter let's

take time to look for ways we can be

supportive of those around us who are

feeling left behind or unsure about their

ability to complete things they started

and want to achieve.

As we move into

this season let us look for new

methods of balancing life demands.

Ask yourself are you taking out time for

yourself? Is your schedule overwhelmingly

full with new dates scheduled for fun,

faith, and family? If so, stop and reflect

on why?

And as we enter into this season let us

take time out daily to listen to God for

direction, our hearts for submission

and our minds for the right decisions

that will help continue to motivate you

to continue working towards your


October is mental health awareness

month take time to check on loved

ones, family, and friends. Show them your

love for them by just checking in.

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